Important Notes to Consider Before Buying a Bird .

Important Notes  to Consider   Before Buying a Bird  .
Important Notes to Consider Before Buying a Bird.
Is your family ready for a new pet?
Not sure if a bird would be an honest addition to your home?
Here are eleven things to think about before getting  a bird:

1 )Attention
When you are deciding if a bird is true for your family, you should consider the amount of attention you can devote to this pet.
If nobody is home all day, a bird might not be the best pet for your family.

2) Time
It's also vital for a bird to possess supervised time outside of his cage.
Be ready to require these responsibilities if your family opts for a feathered friend.

3) Commitment
Adding a bird to your family has the potential to be a womb-to-tomb commitment.

4) Safety
some pet birds tend to bite, especially if they bond to a particular person and feel jealous or needy.
While this can be on no account invariably the case, it's important to consider the possible safety issues that come along with having this type of pet.

5) Other Pets
If you've got alternative pets within the house, you can still have a bird!
You should, however, take into account many factors before creating that leap.

so you'll have to start out with supervised interactions.

6) Space

A pet bird can want associate degree fitly sized cage -the larger, the better.
Some cages are as big as five feet wide!
Make sure that you just have the required area for a cage, stand and alternatively provides.

When buying a bird you should, you should be aware of the noise they make.
8) Veterinarian
before transportationa bird home, check that you have a local avian veterinarian available to you.

9) Breeders and Rescues
It's very vital that you just do some analysis and use an honorable stock breeder or rescue organization.

10 ) Type of Bird
think about which type of bird would be ideal. consider adopting a smaller species that are easier to care for, like a budgie or cockatiel.
Older kids will handle caring for a few conures, parrotlets and lovebirds.
However, larger parrots, like macaws, don't build appropriate pets for kids.
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