Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

Vitamin-Rich Foods for Pet Birds

To ensure your bird against a vitamin A deficiency, offer it foods such as cantaloupe,papayachili peppersbroccoli leaves and flowers, carrots, sweet potatoes, turnip leaves, collards, endive, butter, liver, egg yolks, beets, dandelion greens and spinach

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  • Joan E. Messcharet McKernan - January 17, 2020

    I have a Timneh Aftican Grey and I saw that you have a product called Roudy Bush and the package shows other parrots on the cover, is this a good product to feed my African Grey?
    I would like to buy for Fred a companion Timneh African Grey and before I make my purchase I would like to know if my Fred is a male or female.
    If I can find out as to the sex of my Fred, do you sell female Timneh African Greys that have not had a previous owner (s)? Thank you for your helpfulness. Sincerely, Joan E. Messchert McKernan

  • PVmrIuWEcpKQkeqy - November 08, 2019


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