Amazons Parrots For sale

Amazons Parrots  For sale

Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are very intelligent, highly social, and thrive in a family atmosphere. They tend to enjoy being the center of attention and the life of any party. They have the capacity to learn a large vocabulary of words and even sentences. In fact, many Amazon parrots are noted for their singing ability! Generally speaking, the best talkers are Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Heads, and Blue Fronts. They are easy to train and can even learn to perform tricks.

Given the appropriate nutritional requirements in a nurturing environment, Amazon parrot lifespan is  40-50 years. Amazons are prone to obesity if they do not get exercise. Cages should be large enough to give your Amazon adequate room for play and exercise.

Amazon Parrots are noticeable beautiful birds with many color varieties and they are popular options as pets. They are social Birds in need of a lot of interaction and attention, so before you choose an Amazon Parrot as a pet, be sure you know everything you'll need to do to properly care for one.

Popular Amazon Parrot Species We Breed

Amazon Parrot Personality

Amazons bird are good family pets that enjoy interacting with their human. One important aspect of Amazon parrot behavior involves the way they may change upon reaching sexual maturity. Amazon parrots can become much more aggressive in a breeding cycle than many other large parrots

Food & Care

An Amazon parrot needs a spacious cage with toys and swings spread out, as well as a play gym/play tree, climbing rope and/or ladders to scale to encourage movement and exercise.

Amazon parrot diet

Our Amazon Parrot is weaned onto a pelleted diet, various trail mix blends, fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked beans and rice, grains, bread, pasta, and nuts.

Amazon Speech & Sound

Amazon parrots are one of the best talkers of the bird world. They seem to be especially fond of music and singing. An Amazon could care less if the song it sings is off-key, it will sing as if it wrote the song itself. Amazons can learn to speak many words and phrases and imitate sounds.

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